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Epic Games Fortnite Fine: It settles with FTC for Deceptive Design and Privacy Violations Towards Children

Epic Games Fortnite Fine: It settles with FTC for Deceptive Design and Privacy Violations Towards Children

Epic Games will pay $275 million for “violating children’s privacy law”, in addition to another payment of $245 million in refunds for “tricking users into making unwanted charges” within Fortnite‘s in-game store.

Consumers who believe they were unfairly charged for in-game purchases can go to a website set up by the FTC to request refunds. It is likely to take several months or longer to process those claims, the FTC said.

Automated contact tracing is not ready for future pandemics

While governments scrambled to get ahead of the Coronavirus, their plea for solutions to automate the labored manual contact tracing practices has ignited a slew of technologies. When Google and Apple announced earlier this year they would join forces to enable an exposure notification API so app designers could build contact tracing solutions across both mobile networks, the response from the tech community was swift.
Initially, as Wired

Why We Need To Rethink Central Authority In The Age of AI

What happens when the confidence evolves into questioning the very systems that we’ve come to depend on. The way it’s always been done has become a challenging hurdle that we revisit time and time again, with no immediate solution in our midst. It’s this statement that has stifled organizations from progressing in lock-step with new market demands,

How to implement data privacy in your business ?

Sure, you want to do the right thing as an entrepreneur, small business owner, or IT manager in order to offer your clients privacy and security in your small to medium entreprise. But it seems such a complex mix of legal and technical issues. Where to start implementing data privacy? The foundational principles were laid out in 2011 by Ann Cavoukian, Ph.D, a former three-term Information &...

8 Ways to Think about the Relationship between Security and Privacy

Privacy and security are critical to the design, installation, and operational requirements of physical and cyber systems. Over the last ~15 years, security and cybersecurity have moved from being a begrudgingly funded expense line item to a key resiliency issue for the C-Suite and boards. The same story is evolving around privacy. Privacy has moved from being a legal and compliance issue that...

Non Tech Holiday Gift Guide for Kids & Teens

US-based Doctor Delaney Ruston, maker of the Screenagers movies, has these non tech gift ideas for teens and kids. Here's an excerpt and a link to the full article below. Now more than ever, inspiring outdoor play is critical, and here are some gifts to consider in that realm: 1. Pickleball set —  My daughter and I played for the first time a couple of weeks ago and laughed so hard. I...

The experts worldwide warning about the Digital Crisis

While the world keeps turning, there are more likely 100 journalists, business professionals, authors, professors and informed citizens pointing at problems with the Tech industry which I call, after the Climate Crisis, the Digital Crisis. I’m just getting started with a few here, starting with the loudest: the Americans, then the Canadians, then the Europeans. American...

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