We focus on Tech in Education in two ways: How to integrate Tech wisely to teach.  And how to create smart & safe digital citizens, by helping kids, teens and young adults develop a critical view of digital Tech, from AI to YouTube.


Two European Sustainability Workshops now in Ontario and online: The Climate Fresk and The Digital Collage

Come and discover the Climate Fresk (Fresque du Climat) and the Digital Collage (Fresque du Numérique) in Toronto and Ontario! These Climate Change and Sustainable Digital Technology murals, as they could also be called, are two recent sustainability workshops out of Europe. The foundational, Climate Fresk workshop, allows everyone to simply and dynamically understand our Western economies’ detrimental impact on climate change in general . The Digital Collage is a complementary workshop to help prepare citizens and decision-makers for our transition to a technology and battery-fueled economy, away from fossil fuels.

Best practices in online teaching

As classes moved online during the Covid pandemic, many teachers moved to giving lectures online, through video conferencing, making "Zoom" a household name in 2021. However, teaching online is very different from delivering the same class given in person, even through many elements of best practices in pedagogy are common. It is also very different from "autonomous, or self-paced learning", as...

Parents & Educators: How Video Games, Social Media, & YouTube Impact Youth Mental Health

In 2022, we have witnessed around the world increased use of social media, block buster video games and video sites. The impact on kids' and teens' mental health of excessive use of online entertainment that was designed with pushing for maximum time spent in mind is more visible than it was in 2019. The " silent epidemic " of digital addiction of children and teens has become more apparent. Yet...

Digital Citizenship Youth Social Media Challenge : We Stop Scrolling

Are you between 13 and 18? Participate in a social media challenge to stop scrolling this Fall 2021, get the word out about a cause you care about and win Indigo or Decathlon Canada gift cards! Challenge ends December 10th. If you're a teacher, connect with Ontario Tech's Laura Morrison to participate with your class or sign up directly here for our October 14 teacher information session ( at...

Online Privacy & Security Curriculum for Schools Grades K to 12 in Canada

Digital Citizenship / Digital Literacy Education for grades K to 12 As parents were caught off guard by the rise of online media, teaching young people of all ages in school to be safe and private when they’re online is crucial, not only for healthy social interactions, but also for their mental well-being and their safety. This is a necesary move to expand on what is called digital literacy...

Main Authors

Caroline Isautier

From digital marketing to digital citizenship

Kate Tillezcek

Canada Research Chair on Youth

Hessie Jones

Venture Partner, Matr Ventures, privacy and marketing expert

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