Two European Sustainability Workshops now in Ontario and online: The Climate Fresk and The Digital Collage

by | Jan 30, 2023

Come and discover the Climate Fresk (Fresque du Climat) and the Digital Collage (Fresque du Numérique) in Toronto and Ontario! These Climate Change and Sustainable Digital Technology murals, as they could also be called, are two recent sustainability workshops out of Europe. They allow the average Jane or Joe to simply and dynamically discuss our Western economies’ detrimental impact on climate change in general (for the Climate Fresk) and the true environmental impact of digital technology in particular (for the Digital Collage).

The Climate Fresk (or Climate Collage) workshop takes the thick IPCC reports on climate change and translates it into a series of 42 cards participants organize in a cause and consequence pattern. The Digital Collage sustainability workshop translates a series of European studies on how digital technology impacts the environment into a set of cards.

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Sustainability Workshop Formats

Similar in format, each workshop takes about three hours, standing around a long rectangular table, in groups of 4 to 7, during which the group discusses how to position informational cards among a set of 42. After the cards have been positioned, participants are asked to react to the information. Then, they’re asked to dive into actions they could take individually and collectively to improve on a situation dangerous to the planet and ourselves.

This step-by-step positioning of the cards provides keys to understand the big picture of climate change and its complexity. After building the mural, you will engage in a productive discussion on solutions and actions.

Sustainability Workshop Agendas

  • 10 min – Welcome & Intros
  • 1 h 30 – Building the mural – a visual representation of environmental impact
  • 20 min -Recap + Emotions
  • 1 h – Discussion on solutions & actions

The workshops are also available in an online format in Canada, using tools like Mural to position virtual cards as a group.

Sustainability Workshops Open to the Public and Offered to Companies, Schools & Universities

The citizen workshops are open to all, free and facilitated by professionals passionate about climate change and the societal revolution brought by digital technology, acting as volunteers. Indeed, the two workshops are managed by non profit entities in Europe and are made available worldwide under a Creative Commons BY-NC-ND licence.

👉 If you’re relatively new to the topic, this is the best 3 hours you can spend on it.
👉 If you’re already advanced, you will discover a tool to raise awareness and empower others around you.

Companies, non profits, schools, or universities can mandate facilitators to come offer workshops in house, for a fee. Facilitators must contribute a royalty fee to each association for use of the workshops.

digital collage workshop toronto 2022

Who is behind the Climate Fresk and the Digital Collage ?

The Climate Fresk was first created as “La Fresque du Climat” by French engineer, Cédric Ringenbach, in 2019. It offered a unique, simple way to explain climate change to any adult. Its since been translated in English and Spanish.

Then followed “La Fresque du Numérique“, its cousin focused on the environmental impact of digital “devices” and network infrastructures. It was born in the mind of engineer Aurélien Déragne and web developer Yvain Mouneu in 2020. The English adaptation called The Digital Collage followed.

A youth version of the Digital Collage was created, in French and in English, the Digital Collage Junior edition. Parents and teen children can join in this free activity in Toronto during Global Day of Unplugging March 4, 2023.

The Two Sustainability Workshops are Offered to the Public in Toronto and Ontario since October 2022

The first of these workshops about climate change and sustainable digital technology took place in Toronto near the Spadina metro in October 2022. More public workshops are planned for 2023.

Climate Fresk sessions in English in Toronto in February and March 2023:

  • Saturday, February 18, 6 to 9:30 PM. (Workshop starts at 6:30 PM).

  • Wednesday, March 22nd , 6:30 to 10 PM. (Workshop starts at 7 PM).

Please bring something to snack on or drink.

Sessions are offered one to three times per month in Spring 2023.

Listed here are Climate Fresk workshops around climate change in Toronto, online and worldwide.

Digital Collage Workshops in Toronto & Ontario in March 2023

Plan a Climate Fresk or Digital Collage for your Students, Members or Employees

Contact us here to plan for an in house Climate Fresk or Digital Collage workshop in your company, non profit, school or university.

Thanks to for some help with an initial translation of the French version of the article. A lot of adaptation occurred to come to this result, however.

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