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Canadian Youth Activists On TikTok

Canadian Youth Activists On TikTok

Who are some of Canada's youth activists that are using TikTok to further their cause ? This is part of the We Stop Scrolling research project Tech for Good Canada embarked on in September 2021 with Ontario Tech University's innovative Steam-3D Maker Lab. Here are the...

Best practices in online teaching

As classes moved online during the Covid pandemic, many teachers moved to giving lectures online, through video conferencing, making "Zoom" a household name in 2021. However, teaching online is very different from delivering the same class given in person, even...

What the hell is TikTok ?

  You're not a tween or teen, or even a 20-something adult and are wondering what in the hell is the TikTok app? Its actually a new type of studio and television, catering mainly to the 7 to 20 year old group. First, I'll detail what this incredible short video...

Main Authors

Caroline Isautier

From digital marketing to digital citizenship

Kate Tillezcek

Canada Research Chair on Youth

Hessie Jones

Venture Partner, Matr Ventures, privacy and marketing expert

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