Parents & Educators: How Video Games, Social Media, & YouTube Impact Youth Mental Health

by | Feb 10, 2022

In 2022, we have witnessed around the world increased use of social media, block buster video games and video sites. The impact on kids’ and teens’ mental health of excessive use of online entertainment that was designed with pushing for maximum time spent in mind is more visible than it was in 2019. The ” silent epidemic ” of digital addiction of children and teens has become more apparent.

Yet the industry behind these well-designed tools has acumulated ever more profits to communicate and lobby officials on the beneficial aspects of social media, video games, videos and other applications. The messages heard by parents and educators, many of whom are gasping for air in these times, is a mixed and confused one.

Tech for Good Canada is a non profit that advocates for healthy design and use of tehnology, especially that geared at children and teens. We founded this organization as expert users of technology, parents and citizens, troubled by the lack of protection or regulation in place in this young, less than 30 year old industry.

Like a hammer, which can be used to build a house or smash a head; like food, which can be healthy or unhealthy, technology can serve good or bad purposes. Just as Tech entrepreneurs do in Silicon Valley, just as we did for our children, we wish to empower parents and educators to take back control of young people’s digital diets and habits, by guiding them on the “World Wild Web”. Youth are not mature enough to decide on what content is good for them, despite the industry argument that “adults” are out of synch with today’s digital world.

We are here to help them choose entertainment or communications applications and sites for youth that are healthy for them, while removing those that today are known to encourage addiction, depression, asocial behaviour, poor body image and even suicidal intent in some cases.

Online Videos & Testimonials on Video Game Addiction

For background information on video game addiction, asocial behaviour, porn*graphy exposure for young boys and girls, watch these short films, news broadcasts and testimonials from previously addicted video gamers on our YouTube channel.

Online Videos & Testimonials on Social Media Addiction & Depression

For background information on social media addiction, teen depression and often poor body image for girls, watch these short films, testimonials and other videos on our YouTube channel.

Be a Smart Digital Parent

We bring together ressources for parents and educators to present these issues and encourage discussion among them.

Contact us here for more information.

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