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CO2 Impact of a Paper document vs an Online Document

Today, many employees wonder: what is the most climate-friendly option between printing out a paper document or accessing and sharing it online ? In other terms, what is the CO2, chemical and water consumption impact of each? The answer is not easy. When asked ChatGPT...

Complaints and Opposition to ChatGPT

Here's an initial list of complaints, lawsuits and civil or government opposition to the ChatGPT AI tool, or " ChatTNT ", as I prefer to call it, for its destructive capabilities- alongside its useful ones, as always. Yoshua Bengio, one of the three AI pionneers from...

The Dangers of the ChatGPT LLM for News

I asked ChatGPT, the AI Language Model ( "LLM") about the dangers it represented for news in March 2023, after this nuclear weapon was released without notice or protection by OpenAI at the end of 2022. So, here are some personal conclusions in response to ChatGPT's...

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Caroline Isautier

From digital marketing to digital citizenship

Kate Tillezcek

Canada Research Chair on Youth

Hessie Jones

Venture Partner, Matr Ventures, privacy and marketing expert

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