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Here we feature tech solutions and investing approaches that are designed with client privacy & protection in mind, and serve to improve our social fabric. 


Has Apple lost Its Virtue?  Planned Obsolescence and Dubious Privacy Practices are now Apple Features

Has Apple lost Its Virtue? Planned Obsolescence and Dubious Privacy Practices are now Apple Features

I have been a fan of Apple products since the beginning and am angry at their strategy of iPhone planned obsolescence. Not only that, but its signature approach of privacy-by-design is not a reality anymore. I’ve stopped buying new iPhones. Their life span has been steadily decreasing under Tim Cook’s leadership, since 2012. Their batteries are now notorious for lasting a couple hours under normal operating conditions past the one year mark.

How to implement data privacy in your business ?

Sure, you want to do the right thing as an entrepreneur, small business owner, or IT manager in order to offer your clients privacy and security in your small to medium entreprise. But it seems such a complex mix of legal and technical issues. Where to start implementing data privacy? The foundational principles were laid out in 2011 by Ann Cavoukian, Ph.D, a former three-term Information &...

Why is Big Tech not yet a no-no for ESG or Impact Investing ?

As the US, Europe and Australia increase their legislative & judicial pressure on Big Tech, why are investment managers, especially impact investing professionals, not being clear about the governance risk and divesting from Big Tech ? Are Impact fund managers acomplices to stealing data, taxes, lives and democracies ? ESG or Impact investing is all the rage these days, all over the world....

Caroline Isautier Articles on Tech for Good on Medium

While we migrate posts from our members to this new site, you can find articles from Caroline Isautier on educating, designing and using tech for the good of our societies & individual freedoms here on Medium. Many Big Tech companies ( Google- Amazon- Facebook) refuse to pay their share of country taxes

Kids & teens’ mental health & development at stake with Canadian schools adopting distance learning well

What’s at stake, if teacher unions remain opposed to synchronous learning and governments like the one in Ontario focus on the number of video sessions a teacher must hold each day, as a replacement for research-based efficient elearning techniques? Simply a cohort of students ‘ mental health and intellectual capabilities. And down the line, what is at stake are increased inequalities among youth and a loss of sovereignty for Canada, when private foreign online players persuade parents who can afford it to sign up to their online learning programs for their kids.

Tech for Good Canada Declaration

The uncertainty inherent in the evolution and development of technology creates the opportunity for all stakeholders to integrate the wisdom and lessons learned from history, philosophy and literature to ensure ethical decision making as the future unfolds. After studying national and global data from research conducted by Deloitte and IPSOS, and hosting open discussions through workshops and open-forums, the first iteration of a Tech for Good Declaration was crafted.

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