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Here we feature tech solutions and investing approaches that are designed with client privacy & protection in mind, and serve to improve our social fabric. 


Reducing our Digital Carbon Footprint in March: Day of Unplugging and Digital Clean Up Day

Reducing our Digital Carbon Footprint in March: Day of Unplugging and Digital Clean Up Day

Digital technology is often presented as an ally in the war against climate change, by allowing us to meet remotely via video or by avoiding printing paper documents. But is it really so virtuous?

In the end, the emission and consumption of digital content impacts the environment and our mental health. Several days of action exist around the world and in Canada to raise awareness about the negative impacts of excessive digital use: the Day of Unplugging and Digital Clean Up Day, both in March 2023.

Has Apple lost Its Virtue? Planned Obsolescence and Dubious Privacy Practices are now Apple Features

I have been a fan of Apple products since the beginning and am angry at their strategy of iPhone planned obsolescence. Not only that, but its signature approach of privacy-by-design is not a reality anymore. I’ve stopped buying new iPhones. Their life span has been steadily decreasing under Tim Cook’s leadership, since 2012. Their batteries are now notorious for lasting a couple hours under normal operating conditions past the one year mark.

Canadian Youth Activists On TikTok

Who are some of Canada's youth activists that are using TikTok to further their cause ? This is part of the We Stop Scrolling research project Tech for Good Canada embarked on in September 2021 with Ontario Tech University's innovative Steam-3D Maker Lab. Here are the causes we've been curating influencers on since September 2021 on WeStopScrolling on TikTok (and WeStopScrolling on Instagram,...

Shopify, an eCommerce giant, is the Poster-Child of Modest Canadian Tech

07/2021- Shopify Inc. became Canada’s most valuable publicly traded company during the pandemic, but some people still confuse it with Spotify. (Hint: Shopify provides online software used by merchants to sell their goods and manage their operations.) Test your knowledge of Canada’s leading tech company:

The Why and How of Privacy-by-Design in Tech Deployment

On January 20, 2021, Tech for Good Canada convened a discussion, moderated by our director Caroline Isautier, designed to be an introduction for business leaders, investors and citizens on the why and how of implementing data privacy by design and security as a consequence in Tech deployment and business processes.

SME Search of a privacy-first video conference tool, ie, a Zoom alternative

Our small organisation planned an open, free event called Tech: Surveillance by Design ? in January 2021, as a way to raise awareness on the pernicious design patterns in the everyday Tech tools we use, whether at work or at home. These design patterns include surveillance of our actions without consent. That presents dangers to our democratic rights. As consumers, whether professionals or...

Do Your Privacy & Security Web Site Check

If you’re conscious about preserving your information from prying eyes or avid data resellers, you’re looking for ways other than the cookie opt-out to determine whether a site you’re visiting is secure and private. In other words, just like you look both ways before crossing the street, you should check a site’s privacy and security practices before continuing. Security and privacy are two sides of the same coin that help to protect you.

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Caroline Isautier

From digital marketing to digital citizenship

Kate Tillezcek

Canada Research Chair on Youth

Hessie Jones

Venture Partner, Matr Ventures, privacy and marketing expert

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