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FTX Debacle: Teachers, Beware of Tech Hype (again)

After it was found, in November 2022, that the bankrupt crypto currency exchange FTX had no financial reporting whatsoever, despite having big name investors like Black Rock, Sequoia, the ontario Teachers Pension Fund and SoftBank, its safe to assume another round of Tech hype has come and gone – since the 2000 era boom and bust. But teachers, while they’re not traded (yet?), I wonder how much of students’ futures is lost when they spend hours on YouTube on the school-supplied Chromebook or iPad and what’s the cost to them and us all as a society ?

Research Results: Use and Place of Digital Technology in Toronto’s 2022 Race for Mayor

We tracked & echoed online public conversations on Twitter, Facebook & TikTok about the 2022 Toronto race for mayor and issues surrounding the race from the top candidates, interest groups, established and emerging media outlets and concerned residents. We also looked at how candidates included digital technology, ie, “civic tech” in their platforms for Toronto.

Regulation of Tech Giants in France, Australia, Europe,Canada & the US

Tech companies like Google (Alphabet) and Facebook (Meta) have become giants and have had a free ride evolving in an unregulated context for the past 25 years. Here’s a regularly updated recap of actual or proposed regulation of Big Tech in the following regions :

– France and Australia’s legislation to compensate traditional media for their content
– the European Union’s 2016 GDPR privacy legislation and the 2022 DMA and DSA acts
– California’s 2018 CCPA privacy law and proposed children’s protection law
– Quebec’s 64 privacy law ( 2022)
– Canada’s 2022 C-11 and C-18 laws addressing Canadian content and its proposed federal C-27 law on privacy and AI
– the United States’ various federal proposed but yet unpassed laws S-2333, the ” American Data and Privacy Act”, the “Kids Online Safety Act” and the “American Innovation and Choice Online Act”.

Laws Protecting Children from Poor Quality Screen Time Online ( and Some Failed Attempts)

Governments around the world are crafting or attempt to craft laws to protect children online. We look at online child protection legislation and proposed legislation in France, the UK, California, Canada and the US below since 2018. As we discuss in our remote conferences/workshops for parents on digital parenting and our student workshops on digital media and security, democracy and mental...

Main Authors

Caroline Isautier

From digital marketing to digital citizenship

Kate Tillezcek

Canada Research Chair on Youth

Hessie Jones

Venture Partner, Matr Ventures, privacy and marketing expert

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