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Non Tech Holiday Gift Guide for Kids & Teens

US-based Doctor Delaney Ruston, maker of the Screenagers movies, has these non tech gift ideas for teens and kids. Here's an excerpt and a link to the full article below. Now more than ever, inspiring outdoor play is critical, and here are some gifts to consider in that realm: 1. Pickleball set —  My daughter and I played for the first time a couple of weeks ago and laughed so hard. I...

The 100 + experts worldwide warning about the Digital Crisis

While the world keeps turning, at least 100 journalists, business professionals, authors, professors and informed citizens are pointing at problems with the Tech industry which I call, after the Climate Crisis, the Digital Crisis. I’m just getting started with a few here, starting with the loudest: the Americans, then the Canadians…Europeans will follow. American Books...

Kids & teens’ mental health & development at stake with Canadian schools adopting distance learning well

How do you do distance learning right in primary and secondary schools?   This was the topic of an hour and a half long discussion Tech for Good Canada convened with Canadian elearning researchers and educators this Tuesday, June 23 rd, 2020. Given the very mixed record of schooling in most of Canada’s public schools during Covid-19, what is at stake is whole cohorts’ well being and...

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