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How can a Climate Fresk Workshop Support Sustainability and Eco-Friendly actions ?

How can a Climate Fresk Workshop Support Sustainability and Eco-Friendly actions ?

One of the challenges for climate activists, sustainability advocates and green champions is to engage fellow citizens, students, suppliers, clients and staff on a more sustainable and eco-friendly path.
The Climate Fresk workshop is an innovative, yet low tech tool from Europe that helps galvanize groups of citizens, students, employees, suppliers, clients and elected officials or civil servants to act on climate change, in an engaging 3.5 hour session.

How to join a Climate Fresk Workshop in Toronto ?

So you've heard of the engaging workshop on acting on climate change called the Climate Fresk and wish you could find one near you in Toronto and Canada ? Look no further, as we have added the workshop to our set of education tools on sustainable IT development. This popular workshop from Europe began being available in English Canada in September 2022, in Toronto more specifically, so bear with...

Two European Sustainability Workshops now in Ontario and online: The Climate Fresk and The Digital Collage

Come and discover the Climate Fresk (Fresque du Climat) and the Digital Collage (Fresque du Numérique) in Toronto and Ontario! These Climate Change and Sustainable Digital Technology murals, as they could also be called, are two recent sustainability workshops out of Europe. The foundational, Climate Fresk workshop, allows everyone to simply and dynamically understand our Western economies’ detrimental impact on climate change in general . The Digital Collage is a complementary workshop to help prepare citizens and decision-makers for our transition to a technology and battery-fueled economy, away from fossil fuels.

Research Results: Use and Place of Digital Technology in Toronto’s 2022 Race for Mayor

We tracked & echoed online public conversations on Twitter, Facebook & TikTok about the 2022 Toronto race for mayor and issues surrounding the race from the top candidates, interest groups, established and emerging media outlets and concerned residents. We also looked at how candidates included digital technology, ie, “civic tech” in their platforms for Toronto.

Using & Featuring Civic Tech in Toronto’s 2022 Mayor Election

So we used our Twitter Tech for Good Canada account , its Facebook page and the We Stop Scrolling TikTok account tracking social media activism to feature an equitable selection of tweets from candidates, interest groups, journalists, informed citizens and traditional media about Toronto’s October 2022 election. Hashtags like #TOPoli, #ToVotes, and #ToVotes22 are a way to find those conversations online. We also curated a list of To Poli accounts on this Twitter list.

Research Project with Ontario Tech Faculty of Education to Explore How Youth Can Develop Activism on Social Media

Project will look at how youth can use social media for sharing and engaging in activism that promote emotional and social wellness. We at Tech for Good Canada, like many others, focus on digital citizenship that protects children when it comes to social media use. Teaching resources that deal with protecting their mental health, their privacy, handling cyberbullying, preventing risky behaviours such as sexting, and deciphering fake news abound online. These are all important issues to combat. However, youth do need to understand how they can use social media to enhance their sense of empowerment, civic enyagement, and pro-social behaviours, as these tools are largely designed for short, frivolous, even sensational communication.

Join us for National Day of Unplugging March 5 & 6, 2021

Join us for National Day of Unplugging in Canada from sundown-to-sundown Friday March 5 to Saturday March 6, 2021. You’ll find fun ideas below, as well as ways to support the cause of a safer and healthier Internet for young and old during this day of unplugging.

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Caroline Isautier

From digital marketing to digital citizenship

Kate Tillezcek

Canada Research Chair on Youth

Hessie Jones

Venture Partner, Matr Ventures, privacy and marketing expert

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